Tuberculosis (TB)

AQUITY works with national TB programs and local and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in designing and implementing solutions to reduce the number of un-treated drug sensitive and drug resistant TB cases through quality anti-TB services. AQUITY staff and consultants, along with its partner organizations, has designed innovative platforms to find missing TB cases, reduce delays in getting quality TB treatment, as well as ensure that those put-on treatment, adhere to treatment regimens.

We have also worked with programs to reduce infection transmission in healthcare and community settings using upper room germicidal irradiation and through other process improvements in health settings. We have introduced digital platforms for contact tracing as well as treatment support. Another important area for support has been expanding access to psycho-social support for TB patients and their care givers. Enhancing access to quality anti-TB drugs has also been a major effort. Our staff and consultants have also provided support for improving the monitoring of adverse events among TB patients put on new drug resistant treatment regimens.