Supply Chain Management

Supply chains link the sources (producers, suppliers, transportation systems) to the end customers/beneficiaries. Coordination and management of supply chains ensure end-to-end safe transport of goods and commodities for businesses or humanitarian programs. Ensuring a safe transition of goods is a challenging part and can only be streamlined and enhanced by the digitization of the process, which can allow remote monitoring of the Supply Chain Management process.

The AQUITY Global Inc. (AGI) along with its partners have developed solutions for remote monitoring of supply chain systems. These systems rely on Internet of Things (IoT) that allows to track in near/real time the integrity of commodities as they pass through different sections of supply chain considering probabilities of each section may degrade the quality of the supplies on account of humidity, temperature, pilferage, contamination, as well as other transport related factors. Our solutions rely on an enterprise class secure and global cloud environment that allows for ubiquitous accessibility in real time. Our solutions leverage emerging sensor and transmission technologies for aggregating the data in designated servers for the needed data analytics. Our on-line tools incorporate blockchain based verification of the supplies-related data from one node to the next in a supply chain.