AQUITY assists stakeholders, program implementers, and donors to recognize and integrate holistic health, education, and vocational services that empower women, men, and bystanders, and lead to reductions in intimate personal violence (IPV), gender-based violence (GBV), and improved program inclusion of women.

Rather than addressing IPV and GBV as stand alone issue, our approach prioritizes strengthening linkages between health,  education, vocational training, and other services along with culturally appropriate IPV/GBV reduction strategies.

To address IPV/GBV within public health and education services, we assist stakeholders to:

  • Analyze and combine different types of data and signals;
  • Prioritize the needs of women;
  • Address trauma across programs;
  • Select solution strategies that empower women;
  • Include violence prevention strategies;
  • Design and implement community-wide gender inclusive strategies that change behaviors; and
  • Include multiple-methods for monitoring and evaluating processes.