Innovating for Impact: Transforming Lives Globally

Innovating For Impact: Transforming Lives Globally

We are working together in empowering US and international communities, employers, and workers to improve their capacity to implement health and safety standards in the workplace.

Our Expertise

AQUITY Digital Platforms
AQUITY digital platforms are based on state of the art technology
AQUITY Health and Social Programs
Global Health Security, Health Systems Strengthening and Quality Improvement, Workplace Violence Prevention, and more…


AQUITY Global and its partner staff are working on Malaria Control and Elimination in a number of countries around the world.

Digital Transformation will drive development in the future – we support underprivileged communities to take advantage of the digital revolution

Featured Projects

Workplace Safety and Health Training on Infectious Diseases, Including COVID-19
Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare and Agricultural Settings

News and Updates

  • AQUITY Global along with Yano Tech launches FreighTracker for monitoring food and non-food supply chains

    AQUITY and Yano Tech launched their newly developed and always-connected FreighTracker remote sensing devices to measure various parameters