Digital Health

New technologies are fundamentally changing the way stakeholders address health and education challenges.

AQUITY assists stakeholders to use digital solutions to improve outcomes across sectors. Our team of experts support program implementers in evaluating, adopting, and tailoring digital tools to meet the needs of their development projects and programs in a variety of settings, including where connectivity is low.

We assist implementers to cost effectively use geospatial technology, conduct remote program monitoring, and conduct surveillance that generates data, leading to informed program and policy decisions based on an increased understanding of existing and emerging challenges, gaps, and possible solutions.

Predictive Analytics

AQUITY uses predictive analytic methods to assist stakeholders to marshal resources where they are needed, target critical services and solutions, recognize potential and emerging “hotspots,” and improve supply chains and solve bottlenecks.

We assist stakeholders to selectively use predictive modelling, AI, machine learning, and geospatial analysis to better understand critical needs, service gaps, and where to pivot resources.

We assist partners in developing data visualizations that communicate needs, gaps, solutions, and program successes, leading to improved program activities.

Our approach supports clients in quickly identifying, communicating, and addressing social, economic, cultural, race, gender, and regional disparities across sectors.


We use AI to assist stakeholders, program implementers, and donors to improve their ability to link decision making with resource allocation, clearly demonstrating a positive return on investment.

We bring a suite of data tools, analytics, and artificial intelligence to drive effective and insightful forecasting. We use AI to improve the accuracy of budget forecasts, strengthening the way organizations link future planned activities to financial resources. Our approach to applying AI to develop programs assists stakeholders to identify the true drivers of internal and external value.