Digital Tools for eCommerce

The reach of e-commerce reach remains low in most low- and middle-income countries among micro, small and medium enterprises. This includes the use of digital tools including platforms for e-payments and transactions as well as integrated logistics supply chain. Awareness about the platforms, concerns about security and price points of various platforms remain major barriers for digital adoption. In most countries, the telecom capacity and available bandwidth as well as appropriateness of various platforms for SMEs are improving. However, strategies are needed to help M/SME to begin these technologies for their products and services.

AQUITY, in partnership with local private and civic organizations, is helping design and implement targeted interventions for M/SMEs. We conduct rapid assessments to identify key barriers and bottlenecks faced by SMEs in adopting digital tools for their business processes. Using our participatory approach with the stakeholders, we develop context-specific digital platforms that SMEs use for training and capacity building as well as for adoption of digital tools for various business processes.