One Health

There is a dynamic interrelationship between humans, animals and the environment, requiring interdisciplinary collaborations to solve related problems. One Health aims to improve the multisectoral collaboration to reduce the detrimental effects of these interactions. Social, technological, environmental and microbial risk factors amplify the frequency and magnitude of these interactions at the human-animal interface resulting in new pandemics or localized disease outbreaks. Over sixty percent of emerging diseases are zoonotic, meaning they can be passed from animals and birds to humans. With climate change, deforestation and other factors, human interactions with the wild animals are increasing affecting human health. These emerging diseases can have huge and significant impacts on human and animal health, agri-food trade as well as the national and global economies.

AGI/A4A develops innovative and technology-driven tools and approaches that enable the public and private sectors to better address health and social challenges resulting from the emerging diseases. AGI/A4A reflects an awareness that the future of animal, environmental and human health will be increasingly predicated on the use of technology to solve a host of issues, including reducing barriers to accessing services, improving data for decision making, and introducing high-impact tools and approaches at scale.