IPConnect 2.0

IPConnect 2.0 is a suite of applications developed by the AGI/A4A team for improving infection prevention and control in health care settings. The original IPConnect platform was developed for TB programs with USAID funding. The specific apps included in the IPConnect 2.0 platform help health care facilities and systems conduct IPC assessments to identify gaps and to develop targeted interventions for building IPC-related competencies and proficiencies as well as to build appropriate infrastructure that is critical for ensuring health worker and patient safety in health care facilities. The platform also includes apps that can be used for pushing/mass distribution of IPC updates and guidelines among health care workers, provide knowledge and skills to home-based caregivers to improve IPC to reduce infections among patient contacts and other members of the household.

The IPC platform also helps distribute targeted information, education, and communication (IEC) materials and provides real-time data for immediate and accurate action, including behavior change marketing among health providers and caregivers. Automatic geo-tagging and time capture ensures accurate response. Through IPConnect’s data analysis module, health systems can generate periodic reports for decision-making purposes, improve the quality of services and reduce bio-hazardous situations in health facilities. Comprehensive data collection of IPC risks, responses, and guidelines, included in the platform helps health systems to ensure appropriate provision of resources and tailored trainings and supervision activities. Real-time geotagged data ensures immediate response to nosocomial and health care acquired outbreaks and other highly infectious incidents and analyzes gaps by geographic location. AGI/A4A provides free access to IPConnect to health systems.